_ Kubilay Akman

25FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival, 21-25/09/2005 once again proved that Zagreb is a leading cadidate to be one of the most important art centers in Europe. The Croatian art audience had the chance of seeing coolest experimental films from different countries range from Croatia, France, UK to Australia and Japan. Especially The Japanese Retrospective was one of the most exciting experiences during the festival. Peter Tscherkassky: "Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine", Andrés Denegri: "Uyuni" and Kazuhiro Goshima: "z-reactor" won the three-equal award of the festival. David Russo won the audience award with "Pan with us" and Nicolas Provost had "the special mention" with "Papillon d'amour" from the Association 25 fps. The jury especially credited the works: "Play", Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet; "Warning, Petroleum Pipeline", Jan van Nuenen and "Pan with us" by David Russo.

Although they did not win any award or mention the works of Daniel Askill,"We Have Decided Not To Die", Australia and Matt Huls, "Half Life", UK inspiring for the art audience. Daniell Askill was discussing "Three Rituals, Three Figures" with the espression of the festival organizators. The festival organizators state that, "'We Have Decided Not To Die' is about a mental state where logic drops away and anything is possible. It is an audiovisual narrative that uses sound, stunts and visual effects to create a world where characters float in space and time. It tells the story of three characters' modern day journeys of transcendence; journeys into a place where death is no longer inevitable." I could add that Askill's film reminded me Sufism and its some rituals where people trascend the borders of death and life, and also the divine existence and humanity. Matt Huls' "Half Life" is defined as "an intense, neurotic, stop-frame analysis of work detail, the daily torture of the desk-bound being. Freeze-frame Super 8 mm tensions disrupt the film's surface and material." by the festival people. This film may be considered as the artistic representation of modern life experiences that drive us in alienated relations. Actually in a lot of films of the festival we could witness similar references to the alienation problem as well. Even the award-winner "Uyuni" can be taken as an example for this tendency.

Besides being full of fascinating experimental films, the festival also offered very dynamic and inter-active communication possibilities for artists, critics and art audience with its opening and final parties. And although the 25FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival finished recently the staff has begun to network for the next meeting already.

Kubilay Akman